C&P Celadon

C&P Celadon is a Thai handmade porcelain manufacturing factory. Its products use pure natural mineral glaze, no artificial synthetic toxic pigments, no lead, no heavy metals such as cadmium, and the products are made of bright colors, blended with natural products, natural and noble . Using patented firing technology to restore the thousand-year-old Song kiln wall cracked glazed porcelain craftsmanship. It has a unique style, simple style and a sense of the times. It is a wonderful work of table decorations and tableware, and it is a stoneware product suitable for various scenes. C&P Celadon can be combined freely, and each piece of tableware is unique, each leading the way, creating exclusive styles of different restaurants. C&P Celadon can work with customers to customize products suitable for their dishes according to customer needs.

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