Hyperlux is a high-quality stainless steel metalware manufacturer with a history of more than 45 years in Hong Kong. It specializes in the production of exquisite and high-quality stainless steel self-service tableware and tableware. The catering stainless steel ware carefully crafted by the Hyperlux brand has won the global high-end hotel and catering industry. Affirmative and happy to use.

Hyperlux products, from table decorations, heat preservation lamps, self-service tableware to chocolate fountains and other supplies, are made of the highest quality 18.10 stainless steel material, mirror polished, and the products are produced through more than 20 processes such as high temperature heat treatment and ultrasonic treatment to ensure high quality and durability. Long-term use, as long as new. The products are approved by the American food hygiene standard NSF to ensure product safety and hygiene, and can be used with confidence.

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