In 1856, Giuseppe Sambonet established the Sambonet workshop in Vercelli, a city in northwestern Italy. By the beginning of the 20th century, it had developed into a special factory for sterling silver tableware for royals and nobles.

In 1932, the Sambonet factory took the lead in breaking through the production of silver-plated copper-nickel alloy (EPNS) tableware. By 1947, Sambonet once again led the industry and introduced the production process of stainless steel tableware. With its high quality, fashion, novel and innovative style, it successfully won in 1956 The well-known American Hilton Group placed an order for tableware supply at the newly built super five-star Hilton Hotel in Cairo. The tableware became a model of luxury brand hotels at that time and is now stored in the Museum of Modern Art in New York as a permanent collection.

Today, Sambonet still represents the world's top tableware brand. Product design is inspired by life, integrates art and craftsmanship, is full of vitality and fashion taste. Italian designers have always insisted on having both style and function. The product series include classic style, nostalgia style, modern style and post-modern style. Customers can use a single style or mix and match to create unique and unique styles of tableware.

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